Our Story

The story began many years ago with quiet walks along the beach in Aptos, California. I would lift up prayers for friends and family as I strolled and began to notice heart-shaped stones in the sand. I started to collect them and soon had amassed hundreds of these precious treasures.

One day, I noticed an unusual abstract heart stone in the dry sand. I picked it up and thought it was not perfect enough to keep and tossed it back onto the sand. To my amazement, I heard a small voice inside saying, “You’re not perfect either,” so I picked it back up and placed it in my canvas bag. Later, as I was washing the sand off the stones, I turned this particular stone over and was amazed at what I saw—a beautiful and perfect heart-shaped embedded fossil impression in the stone. I took the stone to a jeweler who created a lost-wax casting for me and soon I had a beautiful pendant and bracelet to share with the world.

Now, my discovery has become a means of advocacy. A portion of all Heart Stones for Humanity proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations that seek to stop human trafficking. Learn more about those fighting for our humanity.


Gold Freedom and Hope Pendant

Freedom and Hope Bracelet

Silver Freedom and Hope Pendant

A large portion of the net proceeds from each sale are donated to non-profit foundations making tremendous strides in the fight against human trafficking.